Olaniyi and Sons global resources facilitates solutions with targets on: processing seeds such as cashew, cocoa, coffee, tick, in value chain for Good Agricultural Practices ( GAP) with exportation process accorded priorities in a full scale state,
attempt to eradicate middle men for monopoly of market is the company priority.

The company optimizes grants and contribution from share holders, members and international donors to generate revenue in all its entirety. Seeing to and ensuruing easy cross-border agricultural relatoion is the one of the plan of the company.


The problem of farm products, getting to consumers and also cross border is really common and affecting the lives of people, especially in the areas of coal, cocoa, cashew, timber and coffee , hence we tend to provide a seed channel that will enhance easy distribution while also supporting the farmers materially and financially.

We also train farmers in act of banking, career, entrepreneur development through
our citadel of learning /study center named- OBA ADEYEYE OGUNWUSI QUEEN’S AGRO ALLIED ADULT LITERACY AND VOATIONAL SCHOOL ACROSS THE 36 STATE OF NIGERIA named in honour of the current King Ooni of Ile-ife in Osun State who also happen to be the Agro- Allied International Royal Patron and Prof. Queen Hajarat Abike Adesuyi who is the National Coordinator and Researcher of Agro-Allied Commodities Cooperative Group of Companies in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The aim of the school is to fast track the vision of Agro-Allied /Agricultural Matter in the
actualization of quality management in value chain to the end user.