Olaniyi and Sons Global Resources provide a wide range of agro-allied services to community farmers. OSGRL leverages on affiliation to agro-based organizations like the Agro- allied Commodities and service producers Nigeria ltd and Agro- Allied Cooperative Multipurpose Union Ltd, Federation to ensure a wide range of highly demanded services and products gravely needed by grassroots farmers to ensure quality crop production and services.

OSGRL partners with major resource bodies such as IITA, the Bank of Industries, Bank of Agriculture to ensure a provision of services and resources such as financial aid and agricultural loans and grants, access to disease and pest resistance seed for better crop production and profitable and sustainable aids to better positively influence the face and practice of of agriculture even at grass-root.

Her fostering of agro-based subsidiaries like Arapure Naturals (her cosmetology and organic products subsidiary firm) is also an evidence of OSGRL play in the Agro-allied field seeing not only to the production of farm produce but also tot he processing of such produce to finished and market needed goods.

Other Agro-allied services she provides are supply and sales of pesticides, selective herbicides and other agro-allied chemical, farm mechanization, farm planning, consultation for local farmer, facilitation of agricultural loans and grant from all level of governments etc.